- Where excellence is not just a skill, but our way of Life -

Anything But Salads is the only multi-award winning Hong Kong-based health and lifestyle company. A team of eclectic social entrepreneurs and food/wellness lovers, we dedicate ourselves towards serving others (you), improving lives (yours) and maximising potential (everywhere). We love what we do and love that we get to share it with you too.



- Changing the World One Bite At a Time -

We believe that food is the most easily available resource yet, also, the most overly abused natural resource we have. As a group of passionate food experts who believe that food is the first step to changing the world, we believe in complex simplicity and synergistic nutrition in every bite. We believe real wholefoods heal. We believe that we can unlock inner potential with every bite. That's why we only provide wholesome functional foods made with the highest and most nutrient-dense ingredients Mother Nature offers.


- Consciously driven by our Hearts -

As social entrepreneurs, we believe that we are on the face of this earth to make revolutionary real foods with you, for you, and that will never change. Our focus is on constant innovation and improvements in the realm of health and wellness. We believe in letting food speak for itself. We believe that gratitude and appreciation goes a long way; integrity, trust and honesty are at the core of our business.

We believe that the Heart speaks Truth.

Most importantly, we believe that Life is about Balance and we lead our lives that way.

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- Humility . Gratitude . Service -

To inspire, maximize and awaken human potential through health.

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- Designed by Nature. Crafted by Specialists -

Inspired by personal stories and spiritual journeys, all of our products and recipes are crafted and designed in-house by our team of professional chefs, nutritionists and alternative healers.

Each product and recipe tells a story about our journey, our relationship with the abundant blessings of Mother Earth. They are always a unique blend of Ancient Asian Herbal Wisdom, Contemporary Eating Habits and Divine Inspiration.

No short cuts. No corners cut. No artificial or chemical additives.

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