ABS x FEEDING HK : Alleviating Hunger Together

ABS x FEEDING HK : Alleviating Hunger Together
About Feeding HK

Feeding Hong Kong is the only food bank in Hong Kong dedicated to redistributing surplus food to people in need. By providing a bridge between the food industry and the hungry of Hong Kong, we provide a solution that simultaneously cuts food waste and feeds those most in need. It is a Hong Kong food bank with a difference.

Feeding Hong Kong supplies are given to them free of charge by generous partners in the food industry. The food is still safe and fit to eat but during the normal course of business has lost its commercial value and is destined for land fill. Canned and packaged food items are donated because of approaching sell-by dates, labelling errors, discontinued brands, surplus inventory, minor recipe variations or damaged packaging. They also rescue fresh bread, sandwiches and salads that would typically be thrown away due to their short shelf life.

The food is sorted and delivered to their network of partner charities. Each consignment is tailored to meet the needs of the individual charity and those that rely on it. By supporting existing food programmes, they make efficient use of established distribution channels to make a difference.

This is food banking.

Feeding Hong Kong is the only organisation in Hong Kong to source, collect and redistribute surplus food to the charities that can best stop hunger.

Hunger in HK

In affluent Hong Kong, it is easy to think of hunger as a problem that exists elsewhere; a problem of countries struggling with famine, warfare or abject poverty. But hunger is much closer to home than most people think: more than 1.5 million people in our city suffer from food insecurity.

Since the financial crisis of late 2008 and with the more recent dramatic increase in inflation, more and more people in Hong Kong are crossing the line from just getting by, to not being able to afford to eat three nutritious meals a day. These people include children, seniors and working families, refugees, migrant workers and the unemployed. They live in our communities. They work around us. They share many of the same interests and goals that we do.

While most of us think it could never happen here, the reality is that hunger does exist in Hong Kong, and it is our duty to stop it. We all need to tackle the issue of hunger here at home as well as continue to support the global fight against hunger and malnutrition.

Did you know?
Over 18% of the population of Hong Kong live under the poverty line. This means they are surviving on an income of less than $3,275 per month to pay for food, shelter, clothing and other basic necessities.

Our Contribution

Anything But Salads donates our snacks and foods to Feeding Hong Kong every 3 months. As we have access to the highest quality foods and are on a mission to make health and nutrition more accessible, we want to give nutrient-dense foods to help alleviate issues of poverty and hunger. We heard foods that are nutrient-dense are much better able to

1) Alleviate hunger
2) Satiate longer & better
3) Combat malnutrition

Hunger, food wastage and poverty aren't just someone else's problem...
It is something that we ALL must call care about. Please don't turn a blind eye.
Starting today, eat mindfully and with gratitude.
Together, let's help alleviate issues of hunger, poverty & wastage.

Information presented here has been adopted and adapted from Feeding Hong Kong. For more information, please visit http://feedinghk.org.